Stock Clearance from

Stock Clearance from

Dear friends from,

As some of you know, we have been working in two different lines in the musical instruments market in the last 15 years. While we opened in 2005, we also opened a couple of years later a banjo and hard-to-find stringed instrument store (Started with, then moved to was a successful part of our business for over a decade, representing half of our business shortly after opening. Sadly, a change of sales policy by our main instrument provider from the USA, meant that instruments would increase their cost in Europe dramatically, carrying this area of our business to an un-viable and then un-profitable situation.

So, we are closing this part of Weissenborn SL business. Our domain, a premium domain that gave us a big advantage soon over our competitors, is offered on sale trhu We have also some other banjo related domains that we will offer soon in this site;,,,…

Since we were Gold Tone´s main dealer in Europe (we had in stock over 100 different models from them), we still have about 15-20 instruments that will be offering at cost price. Some are discontinued models with less sell success that we offer with ridiculous discount, some others are even top sellers that simply remained in our warehouse “lost” or that we simply didn´t upload to our site. We are offering them at this site, that will remain in business offering quality slide guitars

Here are some of the instruments you can find in that section. They are all new as they have remained boxed or stored unplayed.