About Weissenborn.es

About Weissenborn, S.L.

We´ve been almost 10 years now in the fun world of musical instruments...and we´ve seen lots of them, including some museum pieces! During this time, we´ve met hundreds of great musicians, guitar builders and music enthusiasts.

We started this micro-business at our home. I remember the first order that we placed to our main distributor; 8 guitars and our company ran out of funds....what if they didn´t sell? Well, they sold, so no worries. A few years after that, we have our own warehouse at a neighbour municipality. We have 70 square meters availiable for us to stock, repair and ship our instruments. This allows us to keep a permanent stock of over 300 instruments, including banjos and Weissenborns.

I love my job. And I´m glad you´re here,

-César de Diego-

Weissenborn, S.L. is registered at Madrid´s Central Commercial Registry: Tomo: 21059, Libro: 0, Folio: 82, Sección: 8, Hoja:M 373670 and operates with Tax Number B-84268473.

Our main office address is:

           c/ Peñalara, 3 E3A 1B

           28224, Pozuelo (Spain)

and our warehouse is located (by appointment only!!):

            CC Zoco de Boadilla

            c/ Santillana del Mar, 14

            28660, Boadilla del Monte (Spain)






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Boadilla Warehouse - New Room Boadilla Warehouse - Main Room